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Going Down Memory Lane with my Boy…Bands that is!

Yesterday after a late lunch, me and the hubs were in the car when all of a sudden Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” came on the radio. I started singing as if I was on tour and it was my farwell performance. For the duration of that song I felt like I traveled back to high school and I was watching TRL. On Facebook, I got a few responses of bands that my friends liked (or still do). Here is the list:

The Jacksons
New Edition
NKOTB (true fans know what that stands for)
O Town
The Debarge Family
Wrecks N Effects
Soul for Real
Heavy D and the Boyz
Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD……The East Coast Family (LOL!)

What were your favorite boy bands and their songs? Don’t be shy. We all have our guilty pleasures. You can always post as “Anonymous.”

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