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Its Not Over Yet!

Why wait until 2011 to get things done? I know there are only 2 days left but there’s plenty of time left to get something accomplished. For example, I dreaded writing down my business plans and goals. I’m someone that just likes to “do”. I kept saying that I was going to wait until the new year to write them down. I felt that I was putting too much pressure on myself. So, last night I sat down and wrote it all down. I gave myself a timeline for each goal I wanted to accomplish. Now, I am entering the new year with a clearer mind.

I’m sure there is something you want to do. You probably won’t change the world in 2 days(or maybe you can) but there is still time to get stuff done. Ready…..go!!

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  1. Love it! I always feel better if I start NOW whether it be a Thursday (as opposed to waiting for the weekend to be over) or 2 days before the New Year. Great post!

    Thanks for the kale chips advice! I am LOVING them!

  2. I'm guilty of it. I think "oh, it's the weekend. I'll start Monday…" then I have to catch myself and just do it!

  3. Same boat, ditching "resolutions" this year and focusing on just getting it done "now". Good stuff.

  4. Instead of doing resolutions, I did a 30 before
    30 goal. Im also giving myself deadlines for goals on my business and I don't consider them resolutions since these
    are things that need to get done.

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