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New Orleans: Part Two

For our second day we booked an airboat swamp tour through Gators and Ghosts.  I’ve always wanted to see alligators up close and personal. They were such gentle giants! You almost want to jump in and swim with them…


First alligator sighting!

We spotted one underneath the trees. The tour guide recognized him. He calls him “Hook” because when they first found him he had a hook stuck in his mouth. Hook was the biggest one we say for the day – 11 feet long. 

At one point my niece said, “Look at his arm!” And immediately I thought something was wrong with it so I asked “What about his arm?” to which she responded “It’s just big.”

Last month was mating season for alligators so all the eggs are laid. Female alligators can lay about 20-50 eggs. They usually lay them in areas such as this one. Hello, little birdie!

My niece and sister holding a baby alligator. He’s about two years old. So cute.

I asked if I could hold him the rest of the tour. I couldn’t.

All cemeteries are above ground in New Orleans. This is because the city is below sea level and when it rains, well, I’m sure you can imagine what would happen.

This hill happens to be an Indian Burial Ground and years ago ancient artifacts were found.

If you ever get a chance to do a swamp tour via airboat, I highly suggest it.

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  1. So cool!!! I can’t believe that guy putting his hand so close to the gator’s mouth. I’m sure he’s the guide, but still- kudos! Also, the baby alligator is adorable. I would’ve asked to hold it forever too!

    • They weren’t as aggressive as you would think. There was a point when you heard a pop when the alligator closed it’s mouth. The guide said at that point the gator starts to put some pressure behind the bite.

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