My Training schedule

After reading and scanning several books and websites, I have found a training schedule that is perfect for me. It was designed by Suzanne Atkinson, a Triathlon coach. This is the site: http://www.forgingtheathlete.com/triathlon

Once you register (it’s free), an e-mail is sent to you that contains a link that allows you to download the pdf packet that contains all the information you need to prepare for a triathlon. Here is the schedule that I will be following:

Since I am already a runner, I will find a way to incorporate the other workouts that I currently do (yoga and circuit training) into this schedule.

Now it isn’t necessary to add extra workouts (don’t feel pressured to do so). It is what I prefer to do. Who knows, by the time I am halfway through training, I may not want to add any extra workouts. This weekend I am going to go buy all the gear that is needed to properly train for a triathlon.

Until next time.


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