Reasons Why You Should Do a Triathlon

As mentioned in my previous post, reasons why I want to do a triathlon is because I I get bored easily with workouts and because it would be a huge accomplishment. It’s also a great way from me to lose that last few stubborn pounds of baby weight! On Men’s Health website, there is an excerpt from elite triathlete Eric Harr’s book, Triathlon Training, and it list 20 reasons why one should do a triathlon. Here are a few:

You Will Lose Weight
The first thing you’ll probably notice as a Triathlete-in-Training is that your clothes will become too big. That’s because training for such a three-sport event will make you as fit and healthy as you have ever been in your life. When you engage in a well-balanced program of swimming, cycling and running–known as cross-training — you will burn an enormous amount of fat from every area of your body. Better yet, the weight will come off as a natural consequence of your passion-driven quest to complete a triathlon, rather than from a guilt-induced diet, a boring exercise plan or a bizarre fitness implement.
Plus, you’ll likely find that when you’re training for such an athletic event, you’ll want to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that supports your training. Overeating or indulging in lots of less-than-nutritious foods will leave you feeling dull and tired during your workouts, so you’ll quickly learn to eat what’s good for you — and that will accelerate your weight loss even more.

You Will Have More Energy

You Will Injury-Proof Your Body
When you stick with one sport like running, for example, you continually stress the same parts of your body — and that can result in overuse injuries such as shinsplints, stress fractures, knee problems and tendinitis.
Training for a triathlon, however, incorporates three very different sports. This cross-training, as it is called, isn’t as hard on the body, because it distributes the stress more evenly to your bones and muscles and develops more balanced fitness. That means less pain, fewer injuries, and a stronger body.

You Will Improve Your Health
According to the American College of Sports Medicine, regular exercise can lower your blood pressure, prevent diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers, and reduce your risk of osteoporosis and depression — just to name a few.

You Will Live Longer
By preventing disease and fortifying your body, regular exercise can help you live a longer, more productive life. Training for something as complete as a triathlon lays a foundation of fitness that will ensure that your later years are more pain-free and fun filled — so you’ll not only add years to your life but you’ll also add life to your years.

Your Motivation to Exercise Will Soar
Studies on exercise adherence show that many people quit their exercise routines because they become bored or burned out (That’s me!!!). This can happen when you do the same thing day in and day out. Incorporating three different sports into your weekly exercise plan helps you to avoid burnout. When you grow tired of swimming along that godforsaken black line in your local pool, you can go for a run, a hike or a bike ride around town or through the countryside. After all, each of these activities directly contributes to your triathlon success

You Will Join the Fitness Elite ( “Fitness Elite”…..I like that!)
If you complete just one triathlon, you will become one of the fitness elite no matter what your finishing time. You will have accomplished something that only one percent of the population even dare try. That puts you in more of an elite class than a Hollywood star. Now that’s sure to impress your friends and coworkers, not to mention anyone you’re meeting for the first time.

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