To train correctly, you must have the proper equipment

It has been a while since I have written anything! I need to do a better job. I want this blog to be entertaining yet informative.

This post will focus on gear that is needed for a triathlon. When I was looking through books and magazines, I got pretty overwhelmed. Every other page in the magazine was trying to sell you on a tri suit or bike that will help you swim, bike, and run faster. Well, after lots of research, I narrowed it down to the basics.

Goggles . As we all know, every one’s head is shaped differently. Therefore all goggles will not fit you the same. If possible, try on the goggles in the store before you buy them. I wasn’t able to try any on so I had to wing it. I bought a pair made by Speedo. The design was made for women so I figured it would be my safest choice.
Swimsuit. One author of a book I read wrote that you could train and compete in any swimsuit you had. After doing more research and speaking with someone that has done several triathlons, I decided against that choice because 1) I think I would look kind of ridiculous competing in my bright yellow two piece and 2) I don’t want to worry about anything um, falling out…..or off! I bought a one piece made by Reebok that is specifically designed for training and racing. I must say, I felt more comfortable and was cutting through the water like a shark! Well, maybe more like a minnow but wardrobe malfunction was not on the mind.
Swim Cap. This is optional. For me, it’s a must! Being that I am a woman of color and have a head full of natural hair, I need to be more careful with the chlorine exposure.

Bike. At this point go ahead and say “Duh!” You can pretty much use any bike that you want when you are training but not all bikes are created equal. For example, a mountain bike tends to be heavier than a road bike. If you are serious about the sport and want to get good race time, a mountain bike may not be your first choice. Plus, those hills are going to be killer to go up with all the extra weight a mountain bike has. But, if you already have a bike that is fairly decent to use while training and possibly race with, stick with it. If this is a sport that you see yourself doing for long time, I suggest investing in a Tri bike. I know I plan to.

Running shoes. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you invest in a great pair of running shoes. It’s best to get fitted for a pair. Some running stores will ask you to bring in the shoes that you are currently using. Some places have treadmills for you to run on so they can see how your feet land. Running shoes can get costly. Trust me, they are worth it. You wouldn’t want to hurt yourself just because you chose to be careless or cheap. Invest in a great pair. Your legs will thank you later.

My training has been going great. Not much has changed for me in the running part since I was already a runner. The first day training on my bike was memorable. I decided to go a on a day when it was a nice, lovely, 22 degrees! I don’t know what I was thinking. I did six miles that day. The only good part about it being so cold is that I couldn’t feel the pain in my legs. For now, I am sticking to stationary bikes and cycling classes. My swim went pretty well. I had watched a few videos on YouTube that showed the best form for swimming in a triathlon. Since this is the first leg of the race, you don’t want to exhaust yourself out completely. I learned that you have to depend more on your core and arms and only light kicks on the legs. It is very important that you preserve the legs for the bike and run portions. I am ready to jump back in the water. My goal is to work on getting a stronger core and upper body; things that will make my swims more efficient. I also need to work on when to take breaths. I swam the first lap of the pool and took only one breath. That ending up costing me. In later laps as I became more fatigue, I caught myself coming up for air more frequently than necessary.

Well, this is why you train. You gotta get all the kinks out and then when it’s race day: NO HOLDS BARRED!

Until next time!

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