Fatigue has never felt so good.

As I slowly write this post, I feel worn out. Strange thing is, I LIKE IT!! I just finished my workout for the day: 40 minutes of swimming focusing on technique. After Mr. Smooth made me feel inferior of my swimming technique, there was a lot to prove. I got in the water today and I was ready. Game face on! As I swam I continued to say to myself “keep legs straight, kick from the ankles, not the knees, high elbows, don’t move the head, One, Two , Three…Breathe.” Halfway through my swim I realized that my exhalation had come natural! I didn’t have to remind myself. Yay! With that part taken care of, I had to focus on other parts. I never realized how hard it would be for me to keep my legs straight. Well it was and now my legs are mad at me (they’ll get over it). I am pretty confident in my strokes and the way my arms are entering and exiting the water.

With my new techniques, I could feel the difference in my swim. I felt in control of my body and its movements. Surprisingly, I was going much faster (I almost bumped my head on the wall a few times). When I got out of the water, I was breathing HARD. I kicked my butt and I liked it!

My swim definitely still needs work but at least I can now spot what I am doing right or wrong.

That is all for now. My shoulders are on FIYAH!!!

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