I’ve Been MIA

Lots of things have (and have not) happened in the past few months. Here is a quick list:

1. My son turned one. Others enjoyed the party; I didn’t. (I’m too hard on myself)
2. I’ve been trying to train for a triathlon; yet, I have not done one yet. Long story short: Having difficulty finding time for everything. (I have committed to one for July 13th)
3. I am working on getting my business going. Here are the emotions I have went through: Excited, Scared, Motivated, Scared, Really Excited, Really Scared, Confident, Self-Conscious, Self Doubt, Motivated, Scared.

All of this has led to one thing: A MAJOR HEADACHE!!

I have decided that I am just going to do THE DAMN THING and get my business going! Right now I am working on my logo, colors, site, etc. etc. etc. More to come later………………….


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