These are the lovely words that I hear every morning from my good buddy Shaun T. For those of you who may not know who he is, Shaun is the mastermind behind Insanity. What’s Insanity? I’ll keep it simple. For the majority of the workout, you are at max interval training. It’s like this, when we run, we usually start with a warm-up and then go into a steady pace. Then for about a minute or 2 (or longer) we will max out try to run harder and faster. Then it’s back to the steady pace. With Insanity, you are at your max for the majority of the workout and then a slower pace for a short (VERY SHORT) amount of time.

(This is Shaun. We have a love-hate relationship. He looks nice
and  probably is but trust me, a face like that yells…..A LOT!)

I’m sure most of you have seen the infomercials and how these people have had drastic changes. This isn’t my goal with Insanity. A few months ago I mapped out my workouts for the rest of the year (yes, for the rest of the YEAR!) and I decided to include Insanity. Next month I am going to start training for my very first marathon and I figured Insanity would be great pre-marathon training. What I didn’t realize is that there is A LOT of speed work in Insanity. That made me very happy! This will be very helpful when I start to train.
Is it hard? Honestly…..no. Not to me. I have taken boot camp classes before that have been intense and I  like to do workouts that make me feel like I have nothing else to give. When I started this workout I mentally prepared myself for the craziness (or should I say, Insanity?) that was to come.

I will say this, I have NEVER liked cardio classes because I do not have great hand-eye coordination and I feel like complete IDIOT when I am going one way and the class and instructor are going the other. So, that’s the only issue I have with Insanity. Especially the 1-2-3’s (shuffling side to side). I feel like I am tripping over myself.

These are my thoughts for now. I am still in the first 30 days so next month I might be singing a different tune (especially when the marathon training starts). We shall see.

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  • Corletta

    Insanity…I have heard so much about it. Hey…I am getting ready to send you a facebook message. I can't wait to see what you think… By the way, I hate speed work almost more than anything else in life 🙂

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