Marathon Training

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am training for my VERY FIRST marathon. That is 26.2 (yes the .2 matters!!) miles of my feet hitting the pavement! It’s the Kiawah Island Marathon and will be December 11th, 2010. At first I was nervous about training and the race in general. I know with most things that you do, it’s 90% mental. I am trying my hardest to have fun with my training. After having my little one, I have had some difficulty making time for working out. I use to be able to do 7-8 minute miles. My average mile is not as fast now and I am trying my hardest to not beat myself up about it. I keep thinking by the end of this race I will have my speed back. Quite possibly, I could actually become faster.

I found a plan that is very simple and doesn’t include those crazy drills such as “tempo runs” and “fartlek” (ha! that word always makes me laugh. I’m childish, I know). You can check it out here. On some days I will make sure that runs consists of only hills which will help in building strength and a faster time.

On another note: Tonight I am starting The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

I have heard great things about it so I’m pretty excited! Plus, it’s being made into a movie and I like to read the books before I see the movie. Although, the books are always better (except for The Twilight Saga but more on that later).


  • ThatTeowonna

    So funny that I came across your blog tonight. I just saw that series in BAM tonight. It looks very interesting. Let me know how it goes. I'm very busy, but I can always make time for a good read. And good luck on the training… I know you ain't even sweating the 7-8 min mile… Girl just finishing should be the goal.

  • saundra

    I'm so late but just found you today. You thought that the Twilight movies were better than the books??? Best of luck on your marathon- my training partner is running the same race this year.

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