Weekend Recap and a Few Ramblings in Between

1. This weekend started off pretty sweet! Literally. It was my co-workers birthday and I made her an Oreo Ice Cream Cake. It was yummy!

2. The hubs and I were free of our little one this whole weekend (including our dog!). Friday Night we headed out to Thai Wasabi. The sushi was super delish! I wasn’t able to take any pictures as my iPhone was dead and the hubs camera phone is not up to par. At. All.

3. I did some major cleaning and I’m still not finished.

3.1. I hate laundry. With a passion.

4. My Vibrams (or Veebie Weebies as I call them) and ankles are now best friends.

5. We headed to Charleston on Sunday. I haven’t been back since the hubs proposed (June 7th, 2008. Also my birthday!!). There were a lot of changes, retail wise. It seems to be less local shops and a lot more popular chains. Kind of disappointing. Some of the good things I saw:

5.1 I did score some great tea from a store called, Spice and Tea.

5.2 I am on the mission to find a vintage tea pot. 

6. I have kicked The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo to the curb for now. But for good reason. I am reading The Hunger Games and I am HOOKED! I am trying to not let it take up all of my free time but I am SOO anxious to finish reading it! This book will have you sucked in with the first chapter. TRUST ME!

7. I can?t seem to go into Sally?s without buying a new shade of nail polish.

How was your weekend?

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  • rUntoNamAste

    Wow, Hubs really knew how to get you to say yes. That proposal spot – I swoon!

    I tried getting into Larsson but he is long winded and bores me to death. If you don't catch my interest in the first 10 pages, I'm done with ya lol.

    So jeals that you have VFF's. Can't get a proper fitting for my piglets. Le sigh!

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