Book Review:The Twilight Saga

Warning/Dislcaimer: In no way am I claiming to be a book critic. I love to read books and I am only expressing my personal feelings. There may or may not be a few spoilers in my reviews. You may or may not like what I have to say about a book. Leave your thoughts/comment. I would love to discuss it with you!

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 What can I say about these books? Hmm. It reminds me of when I was younger (probably 9 or 10) and while living in Missouri we went to Six Flags. There was this rollercoaster that climbed up very high and the drop down was blah. It was barely a drop. This is how I feel about the whole Twilight Saga. I started to read the books after the first movie had come out on DVD. I knew I wanted to see the movie and like most movies made from books, I like to read the book first. Thanks to the movie already being released I already had visuals in my mind of what the characters looked like. Which is good because a lot of movies made from books always disappoint me in their selection of actors and actresses so that disappointment would already be out of the way. As I started the first book, Twilight, I didn?t expect much from it since I knew that it was the first in four books of the series and usually the first book is always the ?explanation book?. Good thing my expectations weren?t high. I felt we are learning all about the characters, who?s human, vampire, or whatever and the next thing you know, BAM! Bella and Edward are in love with each other. What the??? I don?t mind a good love story/plot but I felt like it was way over done in the book (and too quickly). This was one of the first times I actually enjoyed a movie more than the book because towards the end of the book every other line seemed to be ?I Love You.? Ugh! Got on my nerves.

The second book is New Moon. Eh, not much to say on this one. Like most of the world, I already knew who Bella was going to chose so this whole flirtation going on with Jacob bored me and I pretty much just hurried through the book to get to when Edward came back.

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, the third and fourth books, are the ones that really pissed me off. Let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of horror movies, books, etc. I don?t mind that some rules were changed about vampires and werewolves and I knew that this books were based more on the lovey dovey side but I was ready for some hardcore killing. There was some killing in the first and second book but the third and fourth books set up this whole climax for chapters and chapters and finally when or if there is a battle, it is only a couple of pages and a MAY-JAH let down. The author takes all this time to describe how they are preparing for war to fight the Newborns (Eclipse) or The Volturi (Breaking Dawn). Finally, when you think s*%t is about to go down: WOMP WOMP WOMP. The fighting/killing is a couple of pages at the most or all they do is talk. *sighs* So frustrating.

One last thing about Breaking Dawn. It took me THREE times to finish this book. I had to keep putting it down and coming back to it. It was not holding my attention. At. All. It was a STRUGGLE to finish it. I feel like Meyer ran out of ideas and started to put a bunch of craziness into the story.

Eh, oh well. The books are read and I am done with that series. Well, until the last movie, Breaking Dawn, comes out.

One other thing, her other book in the Twilight Series, The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner, don?t waste your time. The only good part of that book is that it showed the Newborn?s side and part of this book was integrated into the third movie, Eclipse.

Oh! One more thing. I have a copy of the other book that Stephenie was writing, Midnight Sun. This book was going to be told from Edward?s side and would show what he did while he was away from Bella. Somehow the draft got leaked and Meyer felt like she couldn?t finish the book. She was too hurt by it and felt like it was ruined. Whatevs! I think she just got on her high horse and didn?t want to finish it.

Have you read The Twilight Series? What are your thoughts??



  • saundra

    Love. This. Review. Even if I don't necessarily agree with you. One has to keep in mind that this is a story about teens for teens. I do agree that the Bree Tanner booklet was interesting but useless. I did read the Midnight Sun, which was interesting as well…but Stephanie Meyer needs to stop trying to milk this franchise dry and move on to something else. Speaking of moving on, did you read her 'adult' novel, "The Host"?

  • Anonymous

    Hey! I agree that Stephanie was definitely milking the whole Twilight Franchise but personally I like series books. I like to get vested into people's lives. Um, I sound like a stalker but you know what I mean, maybe? I didn't read "The Host." Don't know if I want to give any of her othe books a chance. How was it?

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