Knee Update

This morning I went to the orthopedist. As my husband was parking the car I decided to crutch myself in. Bad move. I lost my balance and almost fell….again. *sighs* While I was filling out all of my paperwork, I got the honor of hearing about this guy’s health issues. He is only 55 and has heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, some ulcers and about 4 other problems. He also takes 26 pills a day which makes him a zombie and his wife has to help him out of the bed, chair, etc. After hearing all of this. He finds out that his appointment isn’t until 2:20 in the afternoon. Uh, we got there at 8:30. Yeah.

After a short wait I was rolled back to see the doctor. I’m not using a wheelchair but the travel back to the room was very long and I am going to milk being taken care of for all I can. Besides, I was still shaken up from my balancing act.

Getting called back quickly to the doctor should have been a sign. You always have to wait FOREVER unless it’s something serious. Well folks, my knee is something serious. Especially when the doctor says, “What happened? It seems like it was a very dramatic situation.” *sighs* For the umpteenth time, I explained what happened.

He said that I will need a surgery of some sort. First I will need to get an MRI (scheduled for tomorrow) and that will determine the severity of the situation. The doctor also said that my injury is very rare and I messed up my knee pretty bad. Great.  He said that tore my ACL ligament, possible more. There are four ligaments in the knee and it looks like I have torn 2. One of the main concerns was that I didn’t pop or burst the blood  vessel because this can result in me losing the leg. What can I say? When I do things, it’s never half-assed.

He asked me how often I ran. I told him on a daily basis and I am training for a marathon. He wanted to make sure this wasn’t some random freak accident that happened while I was running to get the mail. Uh, that would SUCK! I asked him if I would be able to do the marathon (it’s in December) and he told me that I probably wouldn’t be running again from 9-12 months. I almost lost it there. Tears came to my eyes. Some people may not think this is a big deal but it is to me. Running is my friend. It makes me feel great, it listens to my problems, it never lets me down. Now I have to say goodbye to my friend for at least 9 months (or a year).

I am going to try to take this as a sign and whomever is watching over me has other plans for my future.
Like I say, “Things can always be worst.”

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