Twist of Fate

Today was going to be a post about a few of my favorite things but as you can see from the title of this post, things have changed. Yesterday as my hill run was coming to an end, I hurt myself…….bad. I felt myself starting to trip and as I tried to catch myself I twisted my knee and dislocated it. Luckily I was at the end of my run and there were people around to help me out. There are still some nice people out there. One person offered me her water (which was better than slice bread at that moment), another had called an ambulance, and one got my purse for me. I wish I got their names because I would send them a Thank You note.  I knew my knee was bad. I looked at my leg and saw that bones weren’t where they were suppose to be. From the knee down was dead weight and it was swinging on it’s own. Surprisingly, I did not cry or scream. I had to mentally center myself. I knew that it would take some time for the ambulance to come so as I laid on the ground, I started to look up to the sky, take deep breaths, and think about my son and husband (happy thoughts).

Doing this helped for the most part.  The way I was positioned on the ground, my left leg was on top of my right one. As I mentioned before, my left leg was dead weight and it started to get heavy (on my right leg). My right leg was working as an elevation device but I started to feel myself shake as the weight was too much. Fortunately, the ambulance got to the park fairly quickly. I started to feel relieved. The relief didn’t last long. When they got there and saw the situation, they weren’t sure of how to move me without aggravating the leg. At this point I started asking, begging, and pleading for some pain medication. They had to call in a doctor before they could give me anything. Note to EMS: please change it up. When someone is in pain, they do not want to be moved until they are medicated….heavily.

So finally, after a bumpy roll, I am in the ambulance. Still waiting on the medication. As I am trying to find myself a focal point, I look over at the EMS(or is it EMT?? Not sure.) and see him look at my knee. Then he winces….HARD. Not good, buddy! While laying on the ground I had asked everyone not to say anything about my knee. I was trying to play mental games and if I knew how bad the situation was then I couldn’t stay in control.

After the wince and IV, I finally got some morphine. So here I am waiting for the morphine to do it’s magic and it never did. The EMS/EMT kept asking if that helped. I told him no. He said that when we get to the hospital they will give me something stronger. I asked if it would be right away and he said, “With an injury like that, you’ll get it very quickly.” UGH! He did it again, mentally messing me up.

Finally, we arrive to the hospital. Once we get there and we get into an exam room, the doctor comes in. He starts explaining everything they are going to do and how the knee has to be popped back into place. This doctor was very touchy feely. There is nothing wrong with that but when you are in pain, you don’t want to be touched.

So after getting some REALLY REALLY good medication, I was knocked out! During my time in cuckoo land, my knee was put back into it’s CORRECT place.

After a couple of hours and waiting on results of whether or not my foot was receiving blood, I was finally able to go home.

So here I am, in bed,writing this post. Tomorrow I head to the podiatrist to find out whether or not I am going to need surgery. I really hope not. I feel like the Kiawah Marathon is out of the question. And if I have to do knee surgery, I feel any race in general will be out of the question.

So for now I going to continue to ice my leg,  think happy thoughts, and take my percocet.

I hope everyone enjoys the day. Go out and run for me! Please?

Oh yeah, a pic of the leg. It isn’t graphic.


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