Don’t be Tardy for the Party


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? Tonight the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres and I could not be more excited. The DC cast is B O R I N G and I am ready for the ATLiens to come and put some life back into Bravo (because Top Chef: Just Desserts isn’t doing it for me). By far this has to be my favorite cast (with New Jersey close behind). These women seem to be the most “real” out the whole Housewives ensemble. I think it also has to do with them being down south and we are neighboring states. They are in GA and I’m in SC. I am hoping the following questions will be answered within the season;

  • What happened to Lisa? How are they going to “write her off?” Is she doing Closet Freak (her clothing line)?
  • Now that Ed is no longer pursuing football, what is he doing?
  • What’s going on with She by Sheree? Did she ever settle on a agreement with her Ex?
  • What’s the drama with Nene and her husband? Has her older son finally got a clue and is doing something with his life?
  • Who are these new ladies? What’s their deal? What will be their “connection” to the ladies?
  • Is Kim pulling a “Danielle Staub” and going lesbian?
  • Maybe is was Danielle Staub pulling a “Kim?”
  • Also, and this pertains to the whole franchise, How come most of these women aren’t even wives?!?!?

Even though she can’t sing to save her life, I can’t wait to see Kim perform “Tardy for the Party” and I heard she is premiering her new song, “Google Me”  on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

So….tell me! What is your season? Who do you like? Dislike? Favorite scene, line, moment? Or, do you even care?


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