Knee Update. Or as I rather call it, “Suck it Surgery!”

Today was another follow-up with the doctor. Once again, he had me lay on the bed and while he checked the stability/flexibility of my knee. He told me that everything looks good! There is a GREAT chance that I may not need surgery (hence the title of this post). He told me that there are a lot of professional athletes that have the same injury as me and have not had the surgery and are performing fine due to them rehabbing. Yup, that’s right, I was put in the same category as PROFESSIONAL athletes! Well, not really, but I was happy to hear that I can get back to doing the damn thing with my workouts! Once again he told me that I could swim, bike (at ANY speed I want!), and weights (no squatting). He also told me that I shouldn’t do anything that involves pivoting (there goes my dreams on the WNBA…pfffft!). I just had to ask about running. I just had to. He told me that I could run but he wouldn’t recommend it. That made me so happy (maybe I can do my marathon next year!!)! Poor doc, he never should have said “could” because every time I have a check-up I am going to harass him like gnat in the ear with, “Can I run?” 

So, if you can’t tell….I’M STOKED! For now. Who knows, I might eat my words later and have a follow up post stating that I need surgery. But I will be no Negative Nancy! Uh uh! So this weekend I am hitting the pavement. Well, my bike will be but you get what I’m saying, right? RIGHT?


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