Mid-Week Mumbo Jumbo

  1. I am feeling like I got hit with a ton of bricks! I can’t breathe and I feel like I have never sneezed more in my life. Yup, sounds like flu symptoms.
  2. I planned to do a recap of the Real Housewives of Atlanta but this sickness has taken over. I am using the little energy I have to write this. Feel bad for me. 
  3. I am sooo excited about the miners being rescued. My only question is: Who is the miner with the wife AND a girlfriend going to hug first?! (read that story here
  4. The hubs and I did some yoga last night. He wants to start doing yoga to help with his back spasms. I was so proud of him. He did great for a new yogi! I didn’t think I would be as flexible due to what happened with my knee but I was able to do almost all the moves. 
  5. Still haven’t rode my bike yet. Since having my son, I have had much time to just relax. My mornings would consist of getting up around 4:30-5:00 to workout, get ready for work, have breakfast (if I was lucky, sometimes he gets up earlier), wake up my little man, and take him to daycare. The hubs has taken over most of the responsibilities so I have been enjoying sleeping in. Therefore, no bike rides.
  6. I REALLY need to start working out though. Since I am no longer on a marathon training schedule, my eating has gone to ish! Surprisingly, I have gained any weight! At least, I don’t think.
  7. But, I am losing muscle definition (no bueno!) So I REALLY REALLY need to get back on my workout game. I might have to say goodbye to my “sleeping in (7am)” Le sigh!
  8. I wonder if it’s OK that I just used Spanish and French (sort of) in my number 7. Eh, oh well.
  9. I have been TRYING to finish read Mockingjay but I was crazy busy last week working on invites and plans for my aunt’s surprise bridal shower. This week I have felt like crappola and have not had the attention span or strength to hold a book. Seriously, the remote was a little too heavy at moments.
  10. This concludes my mumbo jumbo…for now. 

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