The South Carolina State Fair…..It’s Electric!!!

Last night was a fun-filled time at the South Carolina State Fair! Rides, food, farm animals, and a one man band (huh?).

BUT! Before we get to the fair and I tell you about all the mean(good) things I did to my arteries, I will start off by talking about how good/healthy I ate earlier in the day:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie
Mid-morning snack: oatmeal w/almond milk, dash of cinnamon
Lunch: Salad-romaine lettuce, lightly sprinkled with rosemary, oregano, parsley, and shredded mozzarella, no dressing
Mid-afternoon snack: Green apple

So as you can see, before I indulged I made sure I earned it (this rule could/should be applied to all aspects of life).

When we got to the fair, I started off with a slice of cheese pizza that I split with my little man. The hubs wanted some Fiske Fries so I got in on those too.  We were waiting on my sister to come for the true indulging to begin so until then we listened and watched the one man band……man.

Once my sis and her family got there, they wasted no time getting down with the food! First up on their list, Corndogs:
We didn’t want to overdo it on food right away. There was a lot going on at the fair that we wanted to see. Things like…..BIRDS!!!
Then we moved on things that were um, bigger and………Ass-ier:
After birds, pumpkins, and jackasses, we were ready to slowly kill ourselves! I have been dying to try the Butter Balls! Why? Couldn’t tell ya! Maybe because I saw a video of how it was made and eating one became my last dying wish! Geez, I’m so dramatic! Anywho……I tried the butter balls and  found a new love. The inside of it was a nice ooey-gooey cinnamon-y goodness! Ooooh! I also tried fried Snickers. We’re new BFF’s as well. 
Ok, I’m being serious when I say this: I don’t think I did that much damage. I wanted to get some nachos, popcorn, and maybe fried mushrooms but time was ticking away and our sweet boy was already up WAY past bedtime. 
So all in all, I really enjoyed the fair! I figure if I kill my insides once a year, it can’t be that bad…..right? RIGHT?
Hopefully you don’t feel sick after reading my post. Maybe this video will help bring back warm, fuzzy feelings. 



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