Book Review: Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

This is the third book I have read by Emily Giffin and this is the first one that I truly enjoyed. My reasons may be a bit biased: They are making it into a movie that is starring my girl Kate Hudson. As soon as I heard Kate Hudson was going to be in the movie I had to read the book. I also went onto IMDB to see which actors are playing the other characters and it definitely helped with visualization while reading. Although I am glad that Kate Hudson is playing the role of Darcy, she doesn’t fit the description of the character in the book (dark skin, olive tone skin, absolutely gorgeous) and I do have a major problem with that. I hate when movies change the characters looks…..and occupations (The Devil Wears Prada, Andrea is a blonde in the book and her boyfriend, Nate, is a teacher….not a sous chef!!!). But, that is Hollywood for you. Gotta think MONEY! Also, Kate’s my girl so……it’s OK. This time.

Anyways, onto the book. Something Borrowed is about a girl, Rachel, who ends up sleeping with her best friend’s (Darcy) fiance, Dex after having one too many drinks at her thirtieth birthday party (which Darcy threw for her). Side note: When I heard the name Dex, I thought it was familiar. It is the same Dex that is mentioned in Heart of the Matter. His sister is Tessa. This made me even more excited for the book because I like to read books with familiar characters as I like to get vested into their life. Yes, I’m a stalker. Having a one night stand (and sleeping with your BF’s fiance) is completely out of character for Rachel. She is described by doing everything by the book. She doesn’t like to break rules for the fear of getting caught. She over analyzes and thinks EVERYTHING through. Hence, her occupation, a lawyer. A job that she hates. But she feels that she should stay with her career since it’s what she studied in school and believes that is the right thing to do. Rachel has known Dex since law school and has always had lingering feelings for him but her main priority in school was getting an education and not an MRS. Degree (love that saying!!). Therefore, Rachel introduces Dex to her best friend since childhood, Darcy.

As I started to read the book, I thought I was going to dislike Rachel and Dex and be Team Darcy, because HELLO!…..she slept with her BF’s fiance. As mentioned before, Darcy is described as having dark eyes, olive skin, and being gorgeous. She is also very flippant, self absorbed, likes to start little arguments just for the drama, and wants every guy to want her (whether she’s attached or not). Also, she seems to have some underlying competition going on with Rachel. One that Rachel seems to be a bit oblivious to as she always tries to make an excuse for Darcy but other their other friend, Ethan, can see it. So, I found myself being Team Rachel and somewhat Team Dex (I mean have you seen who’s playing him?! HOT!!).

Of course there are a few more trysts between Rachel and Dex throughout the book. Dex tells Rachel that he loves her and she feels the same (but doesn’t say it) but there is one major problem: He is still engaged to Darcy! Rachel tells Dex that they will define their relationship after Fourth of July. This doesn’t give them much time as the wedding is only weeks away. Fourth of July comes and goes and they still haven’t had “the talk.” The wedding date is getting closer and a decision still hasn’t been made. Finally, less than one week til the wedding, it is called off. Rachel is happy but at what expense? Friends are lost and not everything is not as black and white as Rachel wants them to be but she learns that not everything is going to go according to plan. No matter if you try to “1…2…3…” wish it away.

Right now I am reading Something Blue. This is told from Darcy’s side. I am hoping this book shows that Darcy has a bit more depth to her. So far I am still not a fan of hers but I am waiting for the huge “lightbulb” moment.

Have you read Something Borrowed? Something Blue? Thoughts?



  • rUntoNamAste

    Ok you know I just had to roll up on your blog to talk about this book. As mentioned before on 'the Twitter', holy druh-ma. However I take issue with the characters painting Darce as the villain [that she truly is] and yet still they remain friends/engaged to this woman. Rachel's insecurity was annoying and made me join Team Darcy @ the beginning of the book. However that all changed after Darcy's horribly dark and whore-ish confession. But that didn't sway my disgusts for Rachel's + Dex's affair and serious lack of morality. Shit happens yes, but like Darcy – that dreadful, dreadful human being – R & D are also pretty bad people. I found the characters quite shallow and borderline soul-less. Having said all that, I loved this book. It was like watching an episode [or seasons] of Jersey Shore. Even though the book is fiction, you cannot help but wonder wtf these people are thinking and cannot help but follow the train wreck that is their life! I'm reading Something Blue now. Can't wait to hear Darcy's side of the story. I assume it is horrible, much like she is!

  • Anonymous

    I didn't agree with the affair either because that is just not cool. But Giffin made it very easy to not like Darcy. What you'll find about Giffin books is that they are very real. The affairs or events aren't outlandish. I think that is why you get sucked in because it could really happen.

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