Carolina Blogging

For a couple of days I have been trying to write about Carolina Blogging. Instead of trying to do every detail of what happened I am going to try to do a quick recap:

  • I was completely nervous about going. Like Heather Solos of Home Ec 101, I am very introverted (mentioned during her speech) and did not know how I would do meeting everyone.
  • Part of me didn?t feel worthy of being there. I was in the presence of people that have a huge following on their blog, twitter accounts, etc ( I even thought of not going). A few people already knew each other before the even so that was pretty intimidating to me as well.
  • I?m glad that I put my big girl pants on and attended. I can say with complete honesty, I enjoyed everyone I met and didn?t (that was at you Eb. Lol!).
  • Not only did I meet amazing people, but I got to eat Ah-mazing food! I was happy that the dishes were seafood. Being a vegetarian turned pescetarian, I usually miss out. (To see other recaps and pictures of the yummy food provided by Blue Marlin, check out The Shop Tart’s and Native Sun’s blog.
  • During the ?Meet, Greet, and Tweet ? (say that 5 times fast! Dare you), I was also checking out the fashion of my fellow bloggers. I was hoping to come away with a new wardrobe but no one wanted to part with any of their pieces. So selfish of them.
  • These two pieces stuck out the most to me:
(Mikelle’s fabulous snake ring)
The Yum Diary’s snake bracelet. WANT!
  • Speaking of fashion, did you see me on Lord Maxwell?s blog? No? Go now then come back.
  • I learned some great blogging tips form We Blog Better. Tips that I will definitely utilize
  • When it come to fashion, do not overlook Columbia. Mikelle, Jai, and Najee know their SHIT! (Side note: Yes, I cuss on the blog sometimes. Sometimes you need a cuss to get your point across. Don’t like it? Sorry. Um, not really.)
  • I don’t like tea, but Firefly Vodka is quickly changing my mind. Or making it hazy. Either way, I was happy. 
  • I could go on and on and on, but I won’t. 
  • Check out Will Folks blog, FitsNews to see a list of all the other bloggers that attented the event.
  • Huge thank you to Teowonna for putting this event togehter.
  • Oh! One more thing, I have had chocolate-covered potato chips (courtesy of Cheetah’s Gourmet and Gifts) and my life is forever changed….again. Thank you, 


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