Doing the Damn Thing

I want to: have an interior, event, and stationery design business. I want to open an art gallery (and possibly sell some of my art). I want to travel the world, take pictures, write about it, and publish a book. I want to have my own textile company and start selling my own fabrics! I want to have an upholstery and refinishing business, I want do prop styling, rent/sell antique and modern pieces for events and photo shoots. I want to bake cakes and other yummy treats in my own bakery.

Seems like a lot? Not enough? Well, this is what I want to do and will do. Life is too short and I need to stop effing around and get down to the damn thing. No more being scared, self-conscious and insecure. If I fail, I fail. My hubby and son will still love me and be by my side so I will be able to face anything that comes at me. I read all these blogs and see people doing what they want to do and not looking back. I am no different from them so what the hell am I waiting for?! Couldn?t tell ya. So?..no more waiting. Yesterday I wrote this on twitter:

My twitter and blog buddy Dayka replied with this:

So instead of pen to paper I am doing?..keyboard to screen?? Or hands to blog? Oh, I don?t know! But you get the point, right?


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  • Dayka (Life +Style)

    i love it, and thanks for the shout! doesn't matter if it's pen to paper or keyboard to blog–as long as the universe hears your intention, it's all the same! i'm excited to see you accomplish all you've set out to do!

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