Weekend Recap

Brrr!!! It is getting cold outside! I actually had ice on my car this morning! I’m not complaining, after the summer we had in South Carolina, I happily welcome the cold weather.

Anyways my weekend was a little bit of this and that:

  • I tried to enjoy Friday night with a bowl of popcorn and a book but we all know things don’t go according to plan. Blah.
  • I met up with a friend on Saturday and we went to see For Colored Girls. I must say, it was a really good movie. At first I was turned off  and didn’t want to see it because Tyler Perry’s name was attached to it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Tyler Perry and I really enjoy his movies but I was on a Tyler Perry overload. But, I knew the movie was based off a play so I figured he couldn’t screw it up that badly, right? I was right! I laughed, cried, and left the movie with a lot of emotions running through me. I compare this to movie to Hotel Rwanda. I have seen this movie once and loved it but I will not watch it again because of all of the emotions it brought out in me (anger, rage, happy, sad, tears….lots of them). Anyways, go see the movie, it has a message for everyone. No matter your race or sex.


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  • ?After the movie, we headed down to The Vista to get some sushi. To our dismay, most of the sushi joints were closed ( I am not going to name names).
  • Desperate to get my sushi fix, I was about to drive to Harbison…..on a Saturday. If you live in Columbia, you know what you avoid that place like the black plague on a Saturday, if you can help it.
  • I pulled out my phone and started finding other places downtown. Lo and behold, one place was open, TakoSushi. I remember reading about this place on The Shop Tart’s blog.  I had the Firecracker Roll. It was nom nom nom good.
  • Speaking of nom nom nom good: I made some more Kale Chips this weekend. Told you I was obsessed.
  • Yes that was random to throw in the Kale Chips but I am random person. Sorry (not really!).
  • On Sunday, there was a whole lotta baking going on. I made some yummy, yummy, oh-so-good pumpkin muffins. Some with chocolate chips, some without (The hubs doesn’t like chocolate. Weirdo.)
  • I got the recipe from a co-worker. I’ll ask her if she minds me sharing it on the bloggy wog.
  • I also made an Oreo cake for my little man’s daycare teacher. It was her birthday. Yes, I am one of “those moms” that brings in yummy treats for teachers and parties. It was one of the things I was excited about when I found out I was pregnant. 
  • As I have mentioned before, my aunt is getting married….to her first husband. Neither one of them married again. It is Asian Fusion themed. Being the Black Sheep of the family ( I am using Black Sheep in a good way. Can I do that?), my outfit for the wedding can’t just be any regular outfit. What better way to show the Asian culture than to dress as a Harajuku Girl?!?! I started making my tutu this weekend. Here it is so far:

    Not the best picture. It was taken with my iPhone (still LURRVE my phone!)
  • I’m also making a capelet to go along with it. The wedding is this Friday so this outfit will be getting most of my attention for the rest of the week.
  • I finished this weekend by watching The Walking Dead. My new favorite show! You can never go wrong with zombies, no?

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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