Weekend Recap

  • My weekend started Thursday afternoon. My aunt was getting married Friday and I was the wedding coordinator/planner/designer/personal assistant/whipping girl.
  • Before all of the wedding festitivites, I had an appointment with my doctor about my knee. The only words that I wanted out of his mouth were, ?You can run again.?
  • Guess what?! I CAN RUN AGAIN!!!! After he told me those sweet words, I didn?t listen to anything else he had to say. Think Charlie Brown?s teacher ?WOMP, WOMP, WOMP, WOMP!?
  •  The next morning, I reunited with my Vibrams.


  • I started off by walking about ? mile and then I ran for about a mile comfortably?sort of. I was absolutely terrified to run. I thought I was going to hurt myself again. I was paranoid. I had to do something to get over the fear; I had to psych myself out.
  • I started to visualize that I was running a race and all of my family was there to cheer me on. This is a trick that I have done in the past and has helped to finish those tough runs.
  • Running will help my bend and extend (I rhyme!) my knee. I still have a little stiffness that needs to go BYE BYE! The goal is no surgery!!!
  • Once my run was completed, it was time to prepare for the wedding. And when I say prepare, I mean getting on my tutu!!


  • It was a hit! I didn?t know how it would be pereceived but for the most part people liked the creativity of it. I love being different!
  • The wedding had a few kinks but once the ceremony began, it was all worth it. I love LOVE!!
  • The next morning my body was sore! This sums it up:

  • Nothing that my favorite meal from Caf? Strudel can?t fix!
Smoked salmon on everything bagel, yum! Must have the hashbrowns.
  • After having breakfast with the hubs, it was off to the All Local Farmer?s Market at 701 Whaley to meet up with  Tracie Broom, author of The Yum Diary. This chick is AWE-some. While at the Farmer’s  Market I picked up some great things. Mosty food. Yummy chocolate truffle from It?s The Chocolate Shop. They were selling samples that contained Key Lime, Tiramisu, Mississippi Mud, and Pumpkin. Yum Yum Yum. I would take a picture but I accidentally left my chocolates in the car and um?..yeah. But they were still good!
  • I also got some Chard. You know that I have been on the Kale Chips obsession but I?ve heard that chard is just as good. I haven?t tried it yet but when I do you will be the first to know. Other things I picked up: Yummy artisanal salt that can be read about here and here, burdock root and cayenne pepper pills, and some very delicious cinnamon bread.


Those peppercorns contain quite a punch!
  • I also met up with some great people there. I will definitely be back. Especially to a place where my dog is welcomed (we need more of those places?.now!).
  • The next day I met up with another awesome lady, Eb Looney of MakeMeOverEb. The majority of our talk was about natural hair. She has an ongoing series called, ?Naturally in Charge.? Check it out.
  • Throw in some movies (good and bad) and that about sums up my weekend.

So as you can see, I didn?t do much??.
How was yours??


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