Book Review: Baby Proof by Emily Giffin – 2

Baby Proof is about a married couple, Claudia and Ben, that are very much in sync. They are both very straightforward and know what the other person wants out of life and their marriage, including having no babies…..ever. Surprise surprise, someone in the marriage changes their mind about the whole baby situation. The person doesn’t become obsessed with having a baby (maybe a little) but they find ways to justify how they could have a baby and make things work. What is a couple to do when they both realize they are not in agreement on a subject that will be life changing for them? Stay together? Divorce? Does one give in?? What?!?

I have now read all of Emily Giffin’s books and this one is my favorite! I really enjoyed it and rushed through it in a “Oh, what’s gonna happen next?” way compared to “Geez, just finish already!” I have read lots of chick lit and after a while most of the plots become so damn predictable. I’m not gonna lie, within the first few chapters, I thought I had this book figured out. WRONG-O!!  I wouldn’t say this book is deep and the plots are twisted but things are not how they appear. Even when the outcome is obvious, the events leading up to it is not.  I enjoyed most of the characters in the book and their story lines. What I like about all of Emily’s book is that the situations are very real. They are not outlandish and at the end you start to think “Wow. This could happen to me.”

I don’t want to give away too much about the book because personally, I feel it is a must read!


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