20. Go to a nice restaurant and start with dessert, then an entree, and end with an appetizer:Goal complete!

As mentioned in my other post, the hubs and went to Cotton Grill for our anniversary dinner. I decided this was the best time to complete one of my 30 Before 30 goals. I don’t know how many of you do this but if I have never eaten at a restaurant, I always go to their site to see what they have to offer. I want to know what to expect and since I am a vegetarian/pescatarian I want to make sure they have food that accommodates me (something other than fried fish or fried shrimp…you get what I’m saying).

Cotton Grill is located in the Old Mill in Lexington (Where Crab Shack use to be. Silly me didn’t even realize that Cotton Grill took over the space. I remember seeing it being advertised as a new restaurant but I didn’t know that once it came in Crab Shack was exiting. Too bad, I loved their seafood buckets.).

 Once again, we wasted no time on getting adult beverages:

I had the Chocratini: Godiva, vodka, cream, and raspberry. Yum, yum, yum! This was a dessert in itself. But, this really wouldn’t have counted towards my goal so my first course was their oh-so-delectable Pound Cake:

This wasn’t   your typical pound cake. Oh, no! This one was topped with vanilla custard and a honey bourbon glaze. I devoured it. The custard and bourbon glazed complimented each other very well. I liked that it wasn’t too rich or sweet. It was…….PERFECT!

Once I was finished with dessert (Which, btw, I ate all by myself. I offered some to the hubby and he declined. With something like this, I only ask once. You snooze, you lose. *whispers* He lost! Big time!), it was time to move on to the main meals:
Crab Cakes for me!
Pork Shoulder Loin for the hubs. As you can see, he couldn’t wait to dig in before I  had a chance to take the picture!

My only con was I couldn’t enjoy my butter beans. Cotton Grill is true to “Southern Cooking” which means a lot of their vegetable sides aren’t truly “vegetarian.” I didn’t think to ask about this or substitute the side but that little set back didn’t ruin a thing for me! side note: Hubby had the beans the next day with is lunch and he said they were GOOD! 

So the hubs has been talking about fried green tomatoes since the beginning of time and I remember how yummy mine were at Blue Marlin during the Carolina Blogging event so when I saw them on the menu (in advance), it was pretty obvious what was going to be our finishing course:

By the time they came I was a bit full but I did nibble on one. The creamy red pepper puree & cajun remoulade sauce wasn’t too overbearing. Sometimes restaurants overdo it with the sauces but the chefs at Cotton Grill know how to do it just right.

So, you wanna know how the meal was made even better?? We had great service! Me and the hubs have had our fair share of terrible service (Sometimes I think it’s due to me being black and he’s white but oh well! Get over it! The only color you need to see as a server is GREEN!) so when we go out to eat we expect crappy attitudes. Not this time! Our server was very helpful, and very informative. For example, did you know that Hanger Steak is cut from the back thigh of a cow? Well, now you do.

If you live in Columbia, you must try Cotton Grill. I thoroughly enjoyed everything (except for the beans, but that’s not their fault).

Not a bad way to complete one of my goals, eh?


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