Have you ever been so excited about something that when you try to go to sleep you just can’t? As a child, it was the first day of school and Christmas. I didn’t get the feeling again until I was getting married and last night I got it again. I thought to myself “I can do this!” I can do what I truly want to do! This year I going to push myself to get my business going. I have said it in the past but now i am more determined than ever. There will be some hustle and bustle, taking the good with the bad, and being absolutely thankful along the way. My business will be design-centric(event, graphic, interior). I will also take vintage/goodwill/yard sale/craigslist/etc finds and give them a second(great-looking!) life. Yes, there is a lot I want to do. I am not going to be tied down anymore by people who don’t believe in me or think I am trying to do too much. I am very ambitious and no longer am I going to look back and think “Damn, I should have done this….” My blog will be going through some changes (layout, font, etc) but it will still include personal aspects of my life. I will also be working on a website for my business, Esselle Studio, and I’ll be sure to inform everyone when it goes live.

I don’t know what came over me but I am so excited, no longer do I feel scared or intimidated. Who would’ve thought that all along all I had to do was believe in myself! 😉

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