Jump Through Hoops and Walk on Fire

That is what you have to do to get a business license. Oh, and depending on the county, you will have to give blood and sacrifice a virgin. Yes, I am exaggerating but that is how it felt. The only advice I could give before you get your license is to BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktopcall around. Just because you live in a specific county, it doesn’t mean you will obtain your license through them (like moi). You will learn all about jurisdiction, zoning, home businesses zoning, blah, blah, blah. So once I finally got the correct place and their address, I was happily on my way! Yeah, that didn’t last long. I put the address into my GPS but I couldn’t find the place. Why? Because its one of those buildings that has the address of a street that it’s not even on. Do you understand what I’m saying? It’s on an extension road that is hidden therefore if you are not familiar with the place at all, be prepared to drive around like an idiot while people behind you are being rude! Finally, I called the place and got directions. I was only 2 minutes away from them (ARRRGH!). I get to the place with my information already filled out (I tried to make it easy for everyone……) and tell the worker up front that I am here to get a license. They tell me that I have to walk across the breezeway and get approved for zoning. *sighs* Fine, whatever. I walk across the breezeway to be greeted (or not so much) by another worker who was clearly more concerned about texting, Facebooking, or anything else that did not have to do with their job. They slap down a form in front of me, tell me to read the statements, and initial if I agree with them. If I don’t agree with them then I won’t be approved for zoning. I start to look over the list and initial. Some of the statements were about making sure I don’t plan to alter the outside appearance of where I live, traffic to my residence won’t increase,  I won’t use more than 25% of my living area, and others that didn’t apply to me. Once I’m finished, I try to get the “text-happy” worker’s attention. Once that’s achieved, they  pull out an old school record book and a huge map with street addresses. They ask me where I live and when I tell them their response is, “Where’s that?!” Um, hello!! You are the one with the BIG MAP! You tell me! Finally, they figure it out, sign off on my zoning and then it’s back across the breezeway with the first person (who was much nicer) and they fill out the rest of the information. I pay my money and get my receipt. I get a “Thank you! You’re all set!” Um…….OK. So I ask them when do I get my license and I’m told in in about two weeks. Why couldn’t they tell me this in the first place?! Maybe that part shouldn’t have bothered me but by that point I was so over it.

To end on a happy note: I HAVE MY BUSINESS LICENSE!! YAY!! Now I feel “official.” Weird, I know, but I am so freaking excited!!! 


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