Book Review: Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks – 5

This is the very first Nicholas Sparks book I?ve read. I am familiar with the movies but have only seen two; A Walk to Remember and The Notebook (Every time that movie comes on TV, I become hypnotized).
Even though I already knew the story of Nights in Rodanthe (my sister saw the movie and told me), I still wanted to read the book when it was lent to me.
Nights in Rodanthe tells the story of two divorcees, Adrienne Willis and Paul Flanner, who are at a crossroad in their life. Adrienne is in Rodanthe looking over her friend?s inn while she is out of town for a wedding and Paul is in Rodanthe hoping to tie up some loose ends; then will head to Ecuador and try to salvage any type of relationship with his only son (and child). Sparks makes both of the characters very likable and you will find yourself rooting for them hoping they will both find the love and warmth they need with each other but as you are reading you know that the inevitable is coming; after their week in Rodanthe, they both will have to go their separate ways, back to their separate lives. If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan or have seen the movie, I am sure you know what is going to happen but for those of you that are/have not?.you gotta read to find out!
As soon as I started reading, I knew there were huge differences between the book and movie. The movie takes place as the events are happening whereas in the book Adrienne is telling her daughter.
What I didn?t like is how the story as recollection of Adrienne?s memory but the book is written in third person. We learn about Paul and his past and how he ended up in Rodanthe but there is no way Adrienne would have known all of the information that is shared.
Anyways, I enjoyed reading it. It was an easy read and it made me cry?..I?m a sucker for love.  I?m definitely going to check out his other books. Looks like Nicholas Sparks has a new fan?.for now. 


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