Dear Craigslist Sellers

So I need to get something off my chest real quick. Craigslist Sellers: GET YOUR S*&% TOGETHER! PLEASE! I can?t tell you how many times I have e-mailed someone about an item and it takes days if not weeks (literally!!) for them to respond. I am not expecting you to respond to me within 20 minutes but if you are selling something and ask for people to e-mail, then maybe you should pay closer attention to your e-mails. Then, when I do e-mail you and we agree on a price, please don?t take another 2 or 3 days to respond. And when you respond, please give me more than one word.? I am not expecting you to be professional sellers but geez! Common etiquette/courtesy. Also, when you post on your ad for people to ?make an offer? and they do (make an offer), don?t come back with ?Well, we were expecting *enter monetary amount* for it. If you know what you want for it then post it. Then we know what you are expecting and then the haggling can begin.
For example: This person was selling this antique china set and said ?make an offer.? I saw the ad today but realized they had posted it about a week ago. So I write them asking if they still have it available and what they would like for it (not knowing whether they got offers and didn?t like them) and they respond with ?Well, what do you think they are worth?? AAAAHHHH! I am a bargain hunter and can usually pinpoint the price of certain things but I am not a professional appraiser and I don?t know the value of every single Antique China Set!! So I said to them ?Honestly, I don?t know the value. I am looking for a set that is aesthetically pleasing.? At this point, I was frustrated and ended with, ?I will continue to look elsewhere. Thank you? Their response, ?Very strange, you won?t even attempt to make an offer? I would have sold them for *insert price.* Your loss?BYE!? At this point, I was fuming so I responded with, ?I wouldn?t have offered or paid that much. Thank you!? IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FOR THEM THEN POST THE DAMN PRICE!!!?
Ok, Just had to get that off my chest. On with life I go!


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