SHELebration Details: It’s Party Time!

This past weekend was the party and it was a major success! All of the hard work was absolutely worth it. There was so many great moments! Unfortunately, I was not able to see them all. Fortunately, I had a photographer there to capture those moments! Personally, I feel that having a photographer at an event is a must have. It doesn’t have to be a professional photographer. It could be a friend or family member. Just make sure you delegate the photo responsibility to one person. Also, if you want certain moments of the party captured, I suggest that you make a list for the photographer. The last thing you want to say is, “Oh, I wish they had taken of picture of this or that.” Here is my list:
  • Food
    •  Shot of the poems
    •  Wide and close up
    •  Detailed shot of the food word in the poems (example, ?hot dog? will be in a different color from the rest of the poem)
  • Cupcakes
    • o Wide shot
    • o Detailed
    • o Table level
  • Cake
    • o Wide shot
    • o Detailed shot of the design
    • o Table level shot
  • Gumballs
    • o Wide shot
    • o Detailed (especially the eye)
  • Main Table settings
    • o Wide shot of the table set up
    • o Shot at Table level
    • o Shot of the placemat and napkins
    • o Detailed shot of the napkin (up close shot of the silhouette; possible at table level)
  • Entrance
    • o Detailed shot of the poster
    • o Up close  
  • D?cor
    • o Wide shot
    • o Detailed shot (the arch will have streamers hanging from it so I would like a wide shot and detailed (up close) shot of the angle
  • Activity book
    • o Wide shot
    • o Detailed shot of the front cover and the ribbon
    • ? Possible table level shot
  • Candid
  • Adults talking
  • Children playing/dancing/working on activity book
  • Children eating
  • People taking pictures at the photo booth
  • Any other special moments!
  • Birthday Boy
    • Opening gifts
    • Playing
    • Eating
    • Laughing/dancing/having fun
    • Helping to cut the cake
    • Blowing out the candles
    • Picture of him with his parents
  • *Be sure to get shots of the party from a child?s perspective
The list is detailed but this party was for my sweet little boy and I wanted to make sure I would be able to have the special moments forever!!

As soon as I have the pictures, I will be sharing them for you to see!

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