SHELebration Details: Pictures!

So after talking about the party for about a month, I finally have pictures to share with you! I have tons of pictures but will only be sharing a few because most of them have pictures of my son and for personal reasons I do not post pictures of my son online.

I traced his silhouette from a projector then painted it black.
First time making cake pops!
I wrote out the poem called “Invitation” that invited everyone into the party. 
“There’s an eyeball in the gumball machine. Right there between the red and green……”
(All photos taken by Elisa Oglesby Photography)

I held the party at my Father in Law’s restaurant and I was soooo happy! Why? Because last year their was rain and really gnarly wind that just pissed me the hell off! I decided I was not going to deal with it this year.

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