Stream Of Conciousness On Crack

Anyone who knows me knows that my mind goes a mile a minute (if not more/quicker). One moment I will be talking about something and then, *snaps finger* I will be talking about something else that may have been mentioned earlier. For a quick second. That has no relevance to the topic I was just discussing.

I have a really hard time staying still.I always need to be doing something. At work. I will randomly get up and just walk to the break room or bathroom. Sometimes I look like a crazy person because I will just jump out of my chair and GO! At home, I will be cleaning the bathroom and if I walk out to get something I may start folding some laundry or doing the dishes. Seriously. All. Over. The. Place.

I like being this way. I see it as a good thing to always want to be on the go and productive. The only con is that I do have TOO MUCH going through my mind at ALL TIMES that I can never fully rest/relax. But I’m working on it (I am becoming a List Guru).

Anyways, to the point of this post. It’s going to be very “Stream on Conciousness on Crack” so try to keep up. OK? The other morning on the way to work, I started to think about how I really want another tattoo. I mean, it is on my 30 before 30 list after all.

Later on that morning while I was scanning twitter from the 4th love of my life, my iPhone, I saw that Jeannie Mai had posted pictures from Perez Hilton’s 33rd birthday party. Well, now that I think about it, I think I saw it on her Facebook Page first……

Anyways. I saw this pic of her and died!!!

(You can see this picture and more here)

If you don’t know, I love a good tutu:

So from there I started thinking about tattoos again. I remember that Jeannie has a really cute one on her shoulder:
(Image found here)
Also there is another image of her I really like because I love the top she is wearing:

(Image found here)

(Image found here)
The image above was found on this awesome site called Frock On.
While I was browsing the rest of the site, I stumbled upon this Bad Ass chick right here:
(Image found here)
I dare you to find one thing wrong with this picture.
Her name is Erin Boyd and she is a singer in a group called Lifted Crew:
(Image found here)
From what I gather, their music style is similar to The Roots.
And who doesn’t love The Roots?
So now I am on a mission to find out as much as I can about this group and the natural hair beauty!
Oh, and I also want blue highligts in my hair a la Jeannie.
So, what is the point of this post? Um, couldn’t tell ya!

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