Style Swap!!

Last week while working and wine-ing with Tracie Broom of Flock and Rally, she asked if I wanted help out with an event called Style Swap. I jumped on the opportunity because if Flock and Rally is involved, good times will be had by all. Tracie and I have decided that we mesh well together because we “get” each other and trust me, not many people “get” me. 
So what is Style Swap you may ask? Well…..let me tell you!! Style Swap was created by the fabulous Style Girl Jess James. Everyone that comes must bring one article of clothing (designer and/or vintage) and one accessory (shoes, purse, scarves, jewelry, etc). When you arrive to the event, you are given 5 blank price tags. You put your name on all 5 tags and these are what you will use to “bet” on what you want. It comes down to probability. No garment or accessory can have more than 5 tags on it. For example, you see a really cute pair of shoes that you must have!! There are already 3 tags on the shoes. You can only place two more tags on them which gives you a 40 percent chance of your name being called. Understand?

Once the “swapping” began, it got crazy!!!
(Taken with my iPhone)
There was a rafflebeing held inside the restaurant (the event was held at Momo’s Bistro). Since I was working the event, I was not able to go inside and see what was happening. But don’t fret!! The hostess with the mostess, Anne Postic, the creative genius behind The Shop Tart has a great recap of the whole event!
So does Jai, of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion. By the way, Jai walked away with some CUTE shoes! She better be happy we don’t wear the same size……..
Alicia Barnes of ABC Columbia was there as well. You can check out the segment here.
Now, do you want to see what I walked away with? Of course you do! Check it out:

(Cinched with the belt)

(Tags still on!!!)
(Can’t tell by the picture but the color is chocolate brown)



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