While Everyone Is Talking About Ikea Furniture…..

I’m going crazy for their reusable bags!!  A couple of years ago, a friend of mine gave me a reusable bag from Ikea. It was sooo cute!! I loved taking it to the grocery stores and flaunting all it’s cuteness while surrounded by other not-so-cute bags. Well, someone else had their eye on it and my bag went bye-bye (effing thief!). So, there I was, in a predicament, forced to buy the reusable bags that blasted the name of grocery stores all over them. I am not a fan of those bags. I don’t like feeling as if I am walking advertisement. Plus, I feel kind of weird when I am using a Publix grocery store bag at a BI-LO. I’m sure BI-LO doesn’t care because they are getting my money but I care…dammit!
Anywho, I called my friend who lives in CA and is near an IKEA (the closest one is in Charlotte, NC…I think) and it’s cute bags. I asked her to send me some because when I checked their site all they had were ugly blue ones that reminded me of the ones that grocery stores sell. *shudders*

The bags recently came in the mail and I squealed with joy!! I mean, just look at them:

Tell me I won’t have the cutest bags in the grocery store.
 I dare you.


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