Who Says You Can’t Drink and Work?!

Last night while at home chilling with my little one and his (2nd) favorite girl Dora, I saw a tweet pop up on the screen by the awesome Tracie Broom of Flock and Rally and The Yum Diary:
Laptop and wine party, anyone? I want to work, and hang out. #multitasking

I was so there!!! 
After hugs and hello’s were done, we got done to business:

This wine is the shiznit! What made it even better is that it was served in
 a  repurposed wine bottle that donned Flock and Rally’s name:

Anywho, drinking and working totally mix. I did a mock up for my website:
And worked on my Tumblr page (follow along. It will be life changing. Fa’ sho!)

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