WWEPD (What Would Emily Post Do?)

By no means am I the poster child for “proper etiquette” but even I have my limits. Getting an invitation to an event(birthday party, showers, etc.) by text message is NOT within my limits. Personally, I feel that it is TACKY. When it comes to planning events, I like to go all out and to make sure no stone is left unturned. To me, details matter. And it all starts with the invitations! So when I get an invite by text message, I am not going to expect much from the event. I am not expecting everyone to be like me but I do expect people to take the time and make an effort. One friend told me that due to financial hardships one may not be able to afford to send  out invitations. OK, I’ll bite. I understand that everyone’s financial situation is different but last I checked there is a site called Evite. Also, if you are having financial hardships then maybe you shouldn’t be having a party….

I could go on and on about the other tacky things I have experienced but I will save it for another day. Every time I am shocked by something and talk to someone about it, usually their response is, “Times are changing.” and “Everyone is not like you.” I fight the urge to say, “Well maybe everyone should be like me!!”
Also, if everyone decides we should go around spitting on each other because “times are changing” will it make it OK? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Now that it is off my chest, I feel better….just a little.


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