Favorite Places: The Flea Market

I have always loved going to the flea market. You can find so many things at such a good deal. Things that I always pick up at the flea market include:

Shea Butter and Coconut Oil:

  These are staple items in my daily regimen. I use both of these products from HAIR to TOE. I am obsessed with my skin. Not in the “My skin is so beautiful!” way but obsessed as in I want to make sure I do everything keep my skin moisturized and healthy. Best part about these products? They are so inexpensive! I bought both of these for $5 a piece and they will last me for months. So little goes such a long way.

Shea butter is also a staple in Amber Rose’s daily regimen. Love her or hate her, she has gorgeous skin!

 I also get my soap from the flea market:

 I usually get black soap or a shea butter and oatmeal mixture. After I use these soaps I actually feel CLEAN! I have tried other body washes and I always feel like they leave a residue on me. So I stick with what works for me. Again, these soaps are inexpensive (about $3 each or if you get more the seller will usually give you a deal) and a little goes a long way. It gets SUDSY!!
I feel like the flea market has something for everyone. I recently learned fellow blogger That Teowonna hits up the flea market when she is running low on her favorite make-up.
Another reason I love going to the flea market is seeing what vendors are selling of their personal items. Especially jewelry! As I was walking around, I spotted this lady’s table and she was selling jewelry from her personal collection. Here’s what I got:
Some bracelets:
I love the look of the wood inside. As the lady told me, “That’s the type of bracelet you can
 knock around and it won’t break!”


And this belt:
I am going to repurpose it so it can be used as a belt and necklace.
So…..are you a fan of the flea market?  Is there anything specific you look for when you go?

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