Girl Crush: Kate Hudson

So….I’ve had a “girl crush”on Kate Hudson for quite some time. I believe it all started with Almost Famous:
The hippie in me was absolutely obsessed with seeing this movie. The fashionista (in my own head) in me was obsessed with the wardrobe in the movie. Especially this coat:
I still want a coat like that. 
Since this movie I started to follow Kate Hudson’s career and read interviews and realized, I love this girl! Just like Angie, I have decided in my own mind/world, Kate and I are friends. Yup, we are on a one name basis. 
Since she has been in the press a lot lately (new movie coming, being pregnant, and newly engaged) I decided to compile some of my favorite and not so favorite pics/moment of the gorgeous Kate Hudson:
Remember the Tommy Hilfiger commercials that came on TV? I remember Kate starred in one them. I didn’t know who she was back then. I remember Aaliyah’s ad better because back then I liked Aaliyah. There was one other person that had a commercial but I can’t remember who.
She starred in some lesser known movies but I enjoyed them. Gossip is a great movie!
She married The Black Crowes Front Man Chris Robinson:
I may be in the minority on this one but I loved the two of them together. I also loved Angelina Jolie with Billy Bob Thornton so my sanity is questionable. I love what she wore for her wedding.
One of my favorite movies by her is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She played crazy very well:
 Her and her hubby had a son, Ryder (another picture I love):
Then after hard work she had a hot post-baby body:
Unfortunately, she and Chris split. Then she dated some men that were um……..yeah:
He just looks like he should have “ASSHOLE” tattooed across his forehead. Ugh.

Anywho….she is now dating Matt Bellamy from MUSE and I love me some MUSE! And I love me some Kate Hudson! Therefore, it’s a perfect match!
You can just see/feel the love!!!
Just a few more of my favorite pics of the soon-to-be Mrs. Bellamy and then I will wrap it up:
 I feel like should state this: Clearly I know that Kate and I are really not friends. I am completely joking when I say that.

Do you have any girl/guy crushes? Who are they and why??


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