Book Review: Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella – 9

When I saw that another “Shopaholic” book was coming out, I was ecstatic! I love the “Shopaholic Series!” The movie, not so much. For those of you that may not be familiar with the series I will give you a recap:

Becky Bloomwood loves to shop. She has yet to meet a sale she hasn’t like. She doesn’t limit her shopping to just clothes. She will buy the most random things and will come up with the most outlandish reason/excuse on how she plans to use the item. But she never does. In fact, she doesn’t wear half of the clothes she buys. All of this shopping has caused Becky to go into major debt. Which leads to her avoiding the phone call of a very angry bank manager. 

She meets her future husband, Luke, while shopping. She wanted a scarf but didn’t have enough for it (she tends to max out her cards. A lot). She tells Luke that the scarf is for her “aunt.” Being the genuine, nice person that Luke is, he helps her buy scarf. A week later, she is out with her best friend Suze and she sees Luke having dinner with his parents. His mother comments on her beautiful scarf (you know, the one for the “aunt”) and she quickly comes up with a crazy story saying her “aunt” died. Somehow after all her shenanigans, Luke falls for her and they get married (and have a baby!).

There are also other important characters in the book: her parents, her parents’ neighbors, her half-sister Jess (she is discovered in a later book), and of course, her best friend Suze and her husband Luke.

On to Mini Shopaholic! Becky and Luke now have a 2 year old daughter, Minnie. Let’s just say that Minnie has a lot of, ahem, spunk. She may have been banned from a few of Santa’s Grotto for destruction but what 2 year old doesn’t do that, right? Along with having to deal with a spunky daughter, Becky and Luke are in the middle of trying to find a house (they are living with Becky’s parents) and unfortunately their deals always fall through (the reason are CRAY-ZAY). Luke has also been battling a lawsuit for over a year that has given a blow to his company, Brandon Communications. Once the suit is settled, he is set on finding new clients for his company.

As if they didn’t have enough on their plate, they are trying to baptize Minnie. During the ceremony, something major happens. The Bank of London goes bust! All monies have to be transferred to another bank. This causes people to go crazy. Everyone is out in the streets yelling, screaming, while others are attempting to climb the bank (I don’t understand why people do that. The money is inside the bank).

After this crisis, everyone has to make changes with their spending habits. Becky promises Luke that she will wear everything in her closet at least three times before she buys something new. Whether Becky wants to admit it or not, she has a shopping addiction and making a promise to not shop is like asking someone to walk on water. IMPOSSIBLE!

So while everyone is trying to cut back on their spending and live modestly, Becky decides she wants to throw a surprise party for Luke. Oh, and someone from her past comes back into her life and completely gob smacks her….

My thoughts? As always, I am very happy to visit old characters. Unfortunately, I think I may have outgrown Becky and her crazy antics. Maybe it’s because our country went through a recession (as did hers, in a way) and I can’t fathom how she chooses to still spend and act so irrational . The author stayed close to the same formula as the other books but I found myself wanting to slap some sense into Becky. There were times when I laughed out and thought, “Same ol’ Becky!” But now I was also thinking, “Damn, Becky! Get your shit together!!”

Only Becky is able to get herself in these type of situations. Her life is definitely not boring.

If you are fan of the series then you will enjoy this book. Of course the author leaves it open for another books and I am sure I will be reading those as well.

Have you read the other Shopaholic books? What are your thoughts??


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