Book Review: Mommy Tracked by Whitney Gaskell – 10

This book is based around 4 mothers living in Florida that deal with the trial and tribulations of everyday life. The book covers ?the typical mom roles?

Grace, who probably has the most stereotyped role of all, stay at home mom to 3, has just taken over as President of Mothers Coming Together. As newly in charge, she wants to make sure she keeps the members intrigued and decides to do a few things that are a bit outlandish. While Grace tries to give off the fa?ade of having everything together, she is mentally falling apart. At least when it comes to her weight (and acceptance by the bitchy stepmother). She continuously compares herself to other women ?Skinner than me. Skinnier and prettier than me? and etc. This of course causes her to go to extremes to lose the weight that could potentially lead to a life or death situation?

Anna is the divorced single mom who is trying to do it all: have her career and be a mommy. The trust she has for her ex is very low. He cheated on her while they were married and she was pregnant. In my opinion, the marriage should have never happened. Just because you get pregnant, it does not mean you have to marry the person. Just saying. Anna is struggling with getting back into the dating world as she does not want to complicate her son?s life by having numerous men coming and going. This, by the way, is something that her mother did. Anna meets a guy that has quite an interesting past (one that may scare others away) but the chemistry is there and she wants to pursue it but one terrifying event happens that may change everything?..

Juliet, the lawyer, is the mother that is trying make it in a ?man?s world.? Her husband takes on role of being the househusband while Juliet is the breadwinner. She was the breadwinner while they were dating so it just made sense that she would continue to work. While most moms are obsessed with making sure they are there for the ?first times? that every child has Juliet is focused on making partner. She is willing to clock more hours and take on any case. She does feel bad for missing out on moments in her (twins) daughters? lives but not enough that makes her want to slow down. Also, her having a crush on her boss doesn?t really help either?..

Chloe, the mom-to-be, is the newest to the group and she has the typical ?new mom struggles.? Will she be a good mom? Continue to be a good wife? Will she be able to still work? Can she have it all? She is very timid and over thinks everything she does. Her timid ways causes her to relapse to a very peculiar and not so legal habit. While taking on her new role and starting back her ugly habit, Chloe also has to deal with a husband that JUST DOESN?T GET IT! He feels nothing has to change for him just because his wife had a baby. Chloe decides to show her husband what can happen when a woman feels scorned. You will find yourself cheering for her!

I feel like this book had a character that most mothers could relate to. I related the most with Chloe and Grace because as a new mom I understand the struggle for balance and trying to be perfect. And the struggles of losing the baby weight!

I would definitely recommend this book to others. I think whether you have children, contemplating having children, or not, this book will keep your attention.


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