I Need A Hole In My Head Like an Octopus Needs Another Arm

But I got one anyways. The hole isn’t exactly in my head but it’s in my ear which is located on my head so…….close enough. I told you that I was getting the piercing itch and it had to be SCRATCHED!
I got my conch pierced. I pronounce it CONK. Everyone else says CONSH. So I decided to hybrid both words and call it CONKSH.

 I went back to the same place where my sister got her microdermal, Knotty Headz. My piercer was Heather and she was rocking a pretty interesting piercing in her nose. It looked like she had gotten both side of her nose pierced but there was bar inside that was going straight through. Well, she did have both sides pierced but I assumed she got them done separately. Not at once.  
Side note: I tried to find a pic but none of them looked like Heather’s. So you’ll just have to head on down to Knotty Headz and see for yourself!!

Anyways, I liked her piercing and I like her work. Surprisingly, this one didn’t hurt at all. My sister said I looked like I was going to cry. I was ready to cry. I always heard that getting your conch pierced hurts. 
Maybe my sister was right, our pain level has risen so we can take it………
Without further ado, here is my new piercing:

This is the 12th piercing in my ear. Time for lucky number 13 (or 14)…….

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