Memorial Weekend Recap

I am still trying to recover from this long weekend. Mine was extra long since I had Friday off. The hubs and I were headed to Rock Hill for his brother?s wedding. Before we left, our morning started off with us going to the Riverfront Park to ride our bikes. First, I did for a 3 miler run (while the hubs slept) and I was feeling good. If only I could say the same about the bike ride. I got bucked from by bike! Of course my first thought was, ?check the knee!? I was fine (so was the knee). My pride was hurting more than anything. After this buck, I think I may take a break from the Riverfront for a while. Our relationship is very abusive. This is the same place I where I dislocated my knee. I can?t take the abuse anymore.

Friday and Saturday was a whirlwind. It was all about the wedding! The bride was absolutely gorgeous! I am not a crier but there is something about weddings that chisels at my cold heart! 😉 I wasn?t able to take many pictures since I was the ?Jill Of All Trades? that night: serving food, cutting cake, cutting lemons and limes for the cocktails, and more. All of the pictures that included me were towards the end of the night. I would post them but I look like um, I?ve been working. I have shallow tendencies and refuse to post ?ugly? pictures of myself. I did snap a picture of my made up face before everything went down and since I like how I look (yes, I?m shallow. Everyone has some shallowness in them.), I will share that one:

If any more pictures of me surface and I feel they are acceptable for viewing, I will share them. Maybe.

We returned on Sunday and that day was all about relaxing! Our son went with my parents to Atlanta. Yes, his first trip out of the state! For others it may not be a big deal but it was for me and my husband. We did have our other son,

Matter of fact, he came with us to Rock Hill.

So as I type this I realize my holiday weekend started crappy and ended crappy. Yesterday, I discovered a bruise on my thigh from by ?bike buck? that happened on Friday (the start of the crappy) and I got a ticket. The cop got me where the speed limit drops by 10 and you are given two seconds to slow down. Whatever. I?m glad I was able to help him meet his monthly quota. NOT!

That pretty much sums up my Memorial Day Weekend. What about yours??

Knee update: I have been having some pain in my knee that is very sporadic. If I walk or pivot a certain way, the pain is there. I am going to try to ice it and see if there are any exercises I can do. If that doesn?t help, it?s back to the doctor?s office. Oy!

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