Mother’s Day

Part of me wanted to title the post “Gifts That Create A Lasting Memory” but that sounded too sappy to me. 

A few years ago, a former co-worker asked me what I got my mom for Mother?s Day. I told her some potted lilies. She then gives me a disgusted look and says, ?That?s it?? I look at her bemused as she goes on to ask me why I didn?t get her jewelry. Um?.who the heck said you have to get your mom jewelry for Mother?s Day?!? Did I miss the memo? I can?t remember the exact words but I know that I told her that I rather get her something that she will enjoy rather than get a piece of jewelry she will wear once in a blue moon. My ignorant (Yes, she was and probably still is, ignorant.) co-worker goes on to tell me that it doesn?t matter whether or not if she wears it. Hmmm?.let me get this straight: It is better for me to shell out a butt load of money on some jewelry my mom would never wear compared to her seeing beautiful flowers that bloom every year (BTW, the buds are on the verge of opening!)??
Yeah?I don?t think so.
 My mom has her lilies displayed on her porch for everyone that comes to her house to see. Every year we get excited about how much they?ve grown and how beautiful they look.
So?to my ignorant (former) co-worker, I give you a big fat, raspberry.
 Now that I am a mom, I look forward to the gifts that my son will give me.
 I rather it be gifts from the heart and not how much money he spent. This year, he had me in tears (of joy). With the help of my mom, sister, and his fingers, he made the most beautiful flowers on a vase.
 There was also a poem that contained his hand prints. 
Personally, I rather have my son give me a vase every year with his fingerprints on it.
 Even when he is an adult. Gifts like these are truly priceless.


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