Weekend Tidbits

This weekend was a lil bit of “this and that.” I went to the movies to see Fast Five:
It’s the best one of the franchise yet (and I don’t like to include that crappy one, Tokyo Drift)! These type of movies will never win Academy Awards or Golden Globes but they are pure entertainment. 
Plus, there is eye candy(for everyone):
Me and my sister like him:
I met up fellow Twitterer and soon to be blogger, J. It was a fun meeting; mixed with business talk, girl talk, and yummy food!! We met up at 116 Wine and Espresso Bar. I had one of the specials for the day, Smoked Salmon Omlette. I ordered a baguette on the side so I could turn mine into a sandwich.

This yummy Hot White Chocolate Milk helped wash it all down.

Not only was the food great but the service was phenomenal. Sometimes those things don’t go hand in hand. Sad really.


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