Obsessing: Tattoos

There are a few things/people I have been “obsessing” over so I will be writing about them in the days to come.

Today it’s all about tattoos.

For a long time I have been obsessed with getting another tattoo. Or three. All of my tattoos have specific meanings so it takes me a REALLY long time to decide what I will get. My next one will definitely be of my son’s name. Or his initial. I am not sure yet. I know it will have something to do with my son. One of my favorite parts of the tattoo process is browsing the internet and seeing what others have. Today I am sharing pics of my favorite tattooed celebrities:





I love this picture of them!! Carey Hart (Pink’s husband) is such a cutie!!!

I’m a sucker for guys with tattoos (and piercings!):

Such as, Travis Barker:


This should come as no surprise but Angelina Jolie is one of my favorite tattooed celebs:


Although she is not really a celebrity, I love Casey Loza’s tattoos. You may know her as
Audrina Patridge’s (from The Hills) sister.

She is the only tolerable person on Audrina’s show titled, wait for it………Audrina (so original!). She is married, mother of two, and an entrepreneur.
I think she is way prettier than her sister.

So….what are your thoughts on tattoos? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Have any? Want any??


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