Shopping Hits and Misses

This past weekend I had went shopping for a one piece suit. Surprise surprise, I didn’t find one I like. I did find a two-piece that is really cute so I’m happy….for now. Last week a new Goodwill opened in Irmo (SC). I’ve known about it coming for a few months so I have been anxiously waiting for the grand opening.  I was expecting it to be bigger. It appears bigger from the outside but I think it’s because there is also a Job Connection at this location so that takes up some of the space.

I snapped a few pics:
I took this while standing over by the shoes/bag/luggage area.
I love this chair! Only $35! Paint the frame white and it screams, “Country Chic.” 
Or, just leave it “as is.”
Antique rocking crib. It’s actually much larger than it looks  in this picture. I think it would be perfect to use for a baby shower or as a gift basket for the mom-to-be. Or, it can hold stuffed animals in a child’s room, used at a planter for flowers……The possibilities are endless.
I got this skirt:
And these flats:


Not bad at $11 but even better at $4.50.
I wasn’t majorly impressed with the store but it has only been open for a week. I am always in Irmo so I’m sure I will become a regular at this Goodwill.


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