Star Crush: Angelina Jolie

This ad featuring my girl Angie is absolute perfection!!! 
I have been thinking about doing another “Star Crush” post and wanted to feature Angelina. I feel like this is the perfect time.
I am a huge Angelina Jolie fan. Back when no one know who she was.
I’m talking Foxfire:
And Hackers:
I absolutely love Foxfire. This is must-see for anyone who had teenage angst. Even if you didn’t, check it out!
Hackers……not sure why I liked the movie…..but I did (still do).
People started to “know” her when she played supermodel Gia:
And I’m sorry Winona but Girl, Interrupted was all about Angie:
She has been in tons of movies that I love but she really tugged at my Anthropology heart when she starred as Lara Croft:
I found myself getting EVERY. SINGLE. MAGAZINE. that featured Angelina. I would read the articles over and over again. I knew her life like the back of my hand. Obsessed? Maybe. But it is no different from the girls that worshipped the boy bands and knew their favorite color or bubblegum flavor.
 Here are some of my all time favorite shots of her:

I could go on and on but there is just waaaay too many.
Maybe I’m alone on this but I loved her with Billy Bob Thorton:
I really like her with Brad Pitt as well.
I think she brought out the “true Brad” and he was suppressed all those years with Jen Aniston. 
Team Angie.
 All the way.
 I love the shots he did of her for W Magazine.
This one is definitely in the top 3 for me of all time favorites:
The hat, sunglasses, the expression……GAWJUS! But I love this photo because she is nursing one of the twins. I nursed my son and it was one of the best/amazing things I have ever done. Seeing a mother nurse their child is absolutely beautiful. In my opinion.
I need to stop this post now because like I said, I could go on and on.


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