Book Review: Last Night at the Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger – 13

Your spouse gets the big break they’ve worked so hard for (and deserve) and instantly becomes famous overnight. Performances on late night talk shows, charity parties that are over saturated with celebrities, tours, and money. Lots of it. Everything is absolutely perfect, right? Yeah…..if it was perfect, then there would be no book to read (or review).
Brooke and Julian Alter have been married for 5 years. Brooke is a nutritionist working two jobs to help support her husband, Julian, who is working hard to make it big in the music industry by singing in one hole in the wall bar night after night. Finally, Julian catches his big break and everything starts to fall into place…..a little too quickly. While Julian is traveling back and forth cross country doing interviews and performances, Brooke is trying her hardest to be the happy, supportive wife while trying hold down both of her jobs.
This book shows the not-so-nice side of being a celebrity. I have read other books in which someone becomes famous and it’s all rainbows and lollipops. Here, we see how ugly the paparazzi and gossip magazines can be. You also learn that you have to make sure the people inside your circle are truly genuine and trustworthy.
What I like about Brooke is that she never changes. Well, physically she changes after the pressure from her husband(somewhat) and his management team. Luckily, it’s nothing too drastic. She is trying her hardest to continue being the supportive wife and still working both jobs while chasing her own dream of opening up her own practice. She doesn’t like how the fame is changing Julian and rightfully so.
Sadly, Julian does get caught up in all the fame. He starts to change the way he dresses (his signature outfit has always been jeans, white t-shirt, and a knit cap), hints at Brooke that she may need to start watching her weight so she doesn’t feel “uncomfortable” while around other celebrities and press, and he wants her to put her dream on hold and follow him around everywhere. Throw in some groupies and you have a formula for disaster.
All the pressure and lack of trust puts a strain on their relationship and they both have to decide whether or not their marriage is worth fighting for.
I have read all of of Lauren Weisberger’s other books: The Devil Wears Prada, Everybody Worth Knowing, and Chasing Harry Winston. I would say after this one I am 2 and 2 (Liked 2, didn’t care for 2).
I loved The Devil Wears Prada! The book was so good! The movie? Eh. If it was a movie that wasn’t based off a book, I would enjoy it more. Does that make sense? Everybody Worth Knowing was a fun name dropping book and a very quick, easy read. Chasing Harry Winston, I put that book down for a few months and read it when I had nothing else good to read.
I had a hard time getting into this last book. It takes about 150 pages before the good stuff starts to happen and for me that is way too long. Once the book starts going, you find yourself getting sucked into the whirlwind that becomes their life. Although most of it was predictable, it was still enjoyable. OK, so I might take back being 2 and 2 and say that I am 3 an d 1. Next time don’t wait too long to get to the good stuff. OK, Lauren??
Have you read any of Lauren Weisberger’s books? What are your thoughts? I’ve heard that many people think she is a one trick pony but why mess with a formula if it’s working for you?

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