Book Review: Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress by Kyra Davis -14

This is the fifth novel in the Sophie Katz Series written by Kyra Davis and just like the other novels, this one did not disappoint!! I am not a huge fan (or a fan at all) of mystery CSI-type books . When I was in a book club, the majority of the group chose a book like that and the furthest I got was to page 14.
I just couldn?t do it.

The Sophie Katz Series gives me just what I need out of a not-so-serious Chick Lit Mystery Novel. For those that may not be familiar with the series, let me give you a  recap:
Sophie Katz is a novelist living in San Francisco (just like Kyra Davis). She is a bi-racial (half-Black and half-Jewish; just like Kyra), has some serious love for coffee (and Starbucks) and has an eclectic circle of friends and family: Leah, her Type-A sister whose hair is always slicked in a low ponytail and never has a strand out of place and also has a son named Jack; Dena, Sophie?s best friend, a Sicilian firecracker that?s into sex, liberation, and S&M and happens to own her own sex shop. Marcus, hairstylist and Sophie’s gay best friend; Mary Ann, Dena?s cousin who is completely clueless but wears her heart on her sleeve; and last, but certainly not least, Anatoly Darinsky, Sophie?s hot new, Russian-Israeli born neighbor who she’s seriously lusting after. At first Sophie thinks Anatoly is a murderer (and is gunning for Sophie) since he keeps to himself, comes in and out at the most random times of the day, and pretty much has the word ?SUSPICIOUS? plastered across his forehead. We find out that Anatoly is a private investigator, hence the crazy schedule. Once that little blurb is taken care of, the relationship between Anatoly and Sophie gets hot and heavy!

Throw in someone trying to kill Sophie, Leah?s husband getting murdered, run-in?s with Sophie?s ex-husband (uh-oh!), humor, wit, and coffee (lots of it), you have the makings of a Sophie Katz Mystery.
In Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress, Sophie is on a mission to settle a score with whomever shot her friend Dena; leaving her to deal with the fact that she may never be able to walk on her own again and even worse….losing her sex drive! Finding Dena’s potential shooter is no easy fete. Dena has unintentionally upset some people with her, ahem, lifestyle choices; especially as a sex shop owner. While trying to find Dena’s shooter, Sophie also has to deal with Mary Ann’s plans for a fairytale wedding at Disneyland, Leah being, well Leah, and Anatoly continuing to stay secretive about his life, past and present. BUT! Dena was shot in Mary Ann’s apartment so was the bullet meant for Dena, Mary Ann, or Sophie?
I really enjoyed this book! I love this series. Kyra Davis does Chick Lit Mystery the right way. Her writing is so witty! I couldn’t get pass one part of the book because I was laughing so hard. I have read some other Chick Lit Mystery books where the author’s go off on a tangent and you forget that you are reading a mystery book until the last chapter. Kyra keeps you enaged until the very end….literally. This book ends with a cliffhanger that anxiously keeps you waiting for the next book. There will be a next book Kyra, right?
My only gripe? The book cover. Yes, I judge books by their cover (metaphorically and physically). 
Here are the first four books in the Sophie Katz Series:
I love these covers! So girly, so fun, so quirky!! One of the main reasons why I read the book!
Now, go back and look at the latest cover up top. I’ll wait.
Yeah. Disappointment.
So I have two requests from you Kyra, hurry up with the next book and please, PUH-LEASE go back to the original covers!!
Are there any other fun Chick Lit Mystery authors out there I need to know about? Let me know!

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