“I Heart Thrifting” Recap

Whew! OK! I think I am rested enough (yeah, right!) to give you guys a recap:
We started at Goodwill on Garner’s Ferry Road and stayed there for about 2.5 hours. It didn’t feel like we were there that long but that’s what happens when you are having fun, right? I don’t think anyone left empty handed. Matter of fact, I think one or two left with carts full (The reusable bags had no chance! We needed back up!). It was a great group and everyone instantly click! But I guess when we all share a passion for shopping and finding great deals there isn’t much reason to be catty. 
Goodwill Stores give you a little bit of everything: clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics….and Bobby Brown records(see above)! I did like some of the furniture they had (see above, again) but I wasn’t happy with the prices. I think they were just a bit too expensive. I think the stores are catching on to the fact that people like to buy these pieces and refinish them therefore they are more popular which allows them to jack up the prices. Not cool. Not cool at all. 
The whole event could have been held at the Old Mill Antique Mall in West Columbia. Seriously. This place is HUGE! There is so much to see! The things that stuck out to me the most was the China and teacup sets. I got some great jewelry(will show in another post) from a seller’s whose whole booth was 66% off! It’s always interesting to see what people are selling. There was a beer keg that was repurposed into a lamp, a scary display of clowns (I’m sorry, clowns scare me. Have you ever seen IT?? Killer Klowns From Outer Space?? I don’t do clowns), and a Cabbage Patch Kid phone that made the little kid in us come out. But not for too long. 
After the second stop, it was time to Nom Nom NOM! Originally, we were going to eat at the Riverfront in Cayce/West Columbia but Mother Nature’s rays were beating a little too hard. Instead, we headed to Cafe Strudel and sat in the patio area. Coincidentally all of the girls sitting at one table, including myself, were vegetarians and the dead-carcass eaters (I kid! I kid!) were at the other ones!
After refueling, we were ready to go!
We received THE BEST greeting from Pets Inc. Thrift Avenue!! I had called all the stores in advance to let them know a bunch of thrifters would be coming through on 7/9 and as soon as the manager saw us coming in she knew who we were. She was peppy, loud, and fun. She totally fit in with us!  She gave us some great deals: Every item that was marked $4 was slashed to $2 and every item marked $5 was slashed to $3. We cleaned the racks. And mannequins (right Aprill?). I definitely scored some great things. Such as a Trina Turk tank top for $2!! 
Another perk of Thrift Avenue: over 90% of their proceeds go towards the caring of
 pets(including Lil’ Bit, shown above)
I had an absolute blast and so did everyone else! We are definitely looking into making this a quarterly event. Possibly hitting the road and traveling to other places. Speaking of traveling, I am going to work on getting us a party bus for the next event! 
Besides having a great time shopping and meeting new (and fabulous!) people, I have learned that a bunch of women can get together and not be catty:
(Group Photo!)
Well, unless you both want the same item. Then it can get…..well…..
Be sure to check out April Blake’s recap. As well as Carissa’s from Mahogany Me.
I will be back with more from this fun thrifting day that will include inspiration photo outfits and what was purchased(by myself and others).
Thanks to everyone that came and thrifted their hearts out! Hope to see you all again!


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